Hi,if you have a shop vac that you don't use, we could really use one. Thank you
Hi,if you have a 2 drawer wood file cabinet that you don't want, we could really use one. Thank you
In search of an upright piano in working condition. Would love to have at home to practice on regularly. Thank you in advance!
Hi I was wondering if somebody had a CPU Desktop with quality gaming features *8GB of RAM or more *Fairly new
Looking for a regular working printer to hook up to my computer. Culver city area. Thanks
We are looking for 2 twin boxsprings... and also a king size bed frame. The boxsprings are the most important. Need by morning of July 20.
Does anyone have a push lawn mower that they don't need? My lawn mower just died and I want to go a more simple route.
yesterdayLos Angeles, CA+7 milesItems Wanted
Desperately Need a Help Em Up, XL size, Dog Mobility Harness (woith U-shape hind sling support) for 9 yo, 123 lb, male Mastiff suffering from hind legs lameness
yesterdayLos Angeles, CA+7 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I'm in need of a microwave as mine has gone on the blink. Thank you for sharing!
yesterdayLos Angeles, CA+7 milesItems Wanted
Hello- If you happen to have any extra or excess tall plants, small trees, or the like, we're looking to make a nice divider with our new neighbors (the builder put in a horizontal metal trellis, but there are only baby trees that are nowhere near visible). Thank you very much in advance.
yesterdayLos Angeles, CA+7 milesItems Wanted
Happy to collect and reuse any packing materials not needed. Including packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, bubble envelopes, poly mailers, boxes of various sizes and filling materials.
yesterdayLos Angeles, CA+7 milesItems Wanted
does anyone have some spare anchors from lift or something you didn't use? I need 4, but don't want to buy a pack of 20 of them as they are kind of big for most things.
yesterdaySan Gabriel, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
Would anyone have a baton/mace not in use or can lend for a few days? Thank you for looking.
Looking for the ashtray assembly for a 1939 Ford dash board. Thank you, Scott Walker Lomita, Calif. 310 962-2960
Hello, Looking for washer/dryer front loader also will to buy if someone want to upgrade their washer/dryer and will to sell their old one.
Hello, I'm looking for good condition AC compressor with its clutch. Please let me know what you got (626)592-4898. Thank you!
this weekLos Angeles, CA+7 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a smaller printer with color capabilities. Thanks!